Author Love – Mary Stewart

Writer Unboxed had a post last week about one of my absolute favorite authors – Mary Stewart. I was so happy to see the post that I think I did a chair dance 🙂 It was so nice to see an older author get recognized and to see all the Mary Stewart love out there.

I don’t remember how I found her books at the local library when I was younger, just that I was lucky enough that they had almost all of her works. I devoured them, and then read them again. Her books were exciting and suspenseful, romantic and exotic, and more than anything, I wanted to be one of her heroines. They were always brave and smart, they were proactive and took charge, instead of always waiting for the guy to tell them what to do. And of course the heroes were always handsome and slightly tortured. Yum.

And oh the locations! Greece and France and Spain and England and Syria – I could go on and on! Her descriptions brought them alive in a way that I’d never imagined. You felt like you were there until the location became as much a character as the heroine! I think her books gave me the insane travel bug I have now. Someday I’d love to visit all of the locations of her books!

But, more than that, it was Mary Stewart who really inspired me to become a writer. I wanted to create the same feelings, I wanted to write the intense suspense scenes that she was so good at. I wanted my books to have all the same romance and excitement. So of course I started off trying to write romantic suspense when I was in high school. Unfortunately, my work was such a pale imitation that I gave up on that genre. Maybe someday I’ll try again, but in the mean time, I’ll keep going back to her books to get my fix of brilliant story telling and suspenseful romance. And hope that maybe one day I’ll be in Greece and find myself pulled into a dangerous mystery by a tall, dark, handsome Englishman.

Hey – I can dream, can’t I?



  1. I only ever read the first three Merlin books. What else would you suggest?

    • I love all of her romances, but it depends on what you like to read 🙂 For straight up romantic suspense – I’d try The Moonspinners, Nine Coaches Waiting, or This Rough Magic. For something a little more supernatural, you could try Touch Not The Cat or Thornyhold. Hope you enjoy!

      • Thanks! (And that comment was from me… just randomly posted as anonymous.)

  2. This is awesome! I’ll have to check it out.